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Ever wonder how we create educational carousels that get incredibly high engagement? In this masterclass, we're teaching you our step-by-step strategy for writing binge-worthy educational carousels. Plus, we're sharing TONS of formulas — and examples! — so you can do it too! And did we mention these formulas can ALSO be used for reel scripts? WIN WIN!


what's inside

Killer Carousels: The masterclass includes:

Our strategy for writing educational carousels that people actually read

How to increase carousel engagement even if you're just starting out on IG

An in-depth look at 4 educational formulas you can use to write your educational carousels

How to optimize your content for the Explore page so when you get there you get clicked

Slide-by-slide examples for each educational formula, so you can see it in action

Design tips to optimize your carousels for readability

AND AND AND!!! You'll also get...

16 Killer Carousel Formulas

Get 16 slide-by-slide formulas for binge-worthy educational carousels. This BONUS guide includes sentence-starter prompts for every slide to make writing killer carousels easier than ever!

Carousels are kinda our *thing.* Time to learn from the best.

...But we totally should have named it "Killer Carousels and Reels." It just doesn't have the same *ring* to it, y'know? But at least YOU know it can be used for *both.*

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