The Relatable  brand voice Inspo guide

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No more staring at a blank screen struggling to sound fun! Packed with word lists, tips, and plug-and-play inspo, this guide will help you write SUPER relatable, engaging content that makes people say "can we be friends?!" You'll want this to live open on your laptop every damn day. No doubt about it.


what's inside

the relatable brand voice inspo guide includes:

Top tips to follow to NAIL a relatable brand voice every time you write

So. Many. Word lists!!!! Find TONS of relatable substitutes for common words.

Relatable plug-and-play phrases to make writing a relatable voice fast & easy

Relatable greetings & sign-offs, sentence starters, tag-ons, fun asides, & caption hooks

A relatable verb bank, adjective bank, adverb bank, and more!

A humor guide to find your type of humor, with tips and examples to get started.

It's time to become so dang relatable they can't get enough.

no more struggling to sound fun.

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