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This is our masterpiece. It's the EXACT formula we use to write websites that sell, complete with writing prompts and examples to make DIYing your website copy EASIER THAN EVER. It's as close to hiring us to write your website as it gets, for WAY less money. Nobody writes like we do because we created this method ourselves. And now we're spilling our secrets.

300+ writing prompts  |  $599


Business owners DIYing their website copy, or copywriters who want to learn how to write high-converting website copy for service providers. 

what's inside

the Write Your Site Workbook includes:

Our signature copywriting strategy for the four main pages every website needs

Over 300 writing prompts (!!!) to make writing every section easy

Over 200 examples written by Maha to give you inspiration as you write!

+ Free BONUSes! 

All 300+ prompts organized for easy copying, pasting, and customizing

The web copy prompts doc

The messaging pre-work you need to do before you start writing

The write your site messaging guide

This week only!
The relatable brand voice inspo guide

Plus, every write your site workbook comes with

The perfect place to write your site. Get our copy formula outlined in a Google Doc.

The Strategic Website Copy Outline

What's inside:

A section-by-section breakdown of the 4 pages your website needs

Lightly formatted copy to help you see the final picture and write with ease

Stand-in placing for every headline, subheading, body copy, button, and more to make using prompts in the workbook super easy


This is the most value-packed resource we have ever created, hands down.

It might feel like we're giving away the full strategy behind our copy. And...umm...we kind of are. But here's the thing. We're booked waaaaay out. We have hundreds of people on our waitlist. And the last time we opened our waitlist, we booked out an entire year in 2 weeks.

There are only 2 of us, but there are SO MANY businesses that need a bomb website to get off the ground or reach that next financial goal. We can't write every website...but we can tell you exactly how we'd do it. And give you hundreds of writing prompts for every headline, subheading, body copy, and button that we've tried and tested. And hundreds of examples to prove it.

Yeah, it's full of value.
That's just how we do things.

It's time to write your site like a professional copywriter.

no more guessing how to use your words to sell.

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