The booked-out copywriter's Business bundle

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If you’re anything like us, you can bust out creative copy like Lizzo busts out hits...but you never learned how to actually do the whole running a business and managing clients thing.

When you want to become a booked-out copywriter, but you don't have a streamlined or strategic process in place? It's About Damn Time. We're giving you the ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS you need for a client process that 1. collects all the info you need and 2. gives off I'm an expert vibes.



Website copywriters (obviously) and pretty much any strategic sales copywriter of any kind. This is versatility at its finest. 

Get The Booked-Out Copywriter's...


Our signature questionnaire, AKA the essential ingredient for strategy-fueled copy 

The exact questions to ask during a launch call to get copy GOLD



Templates for every email you need to build a 5-star client experience

total price: 





How to find your ideal clients & stop wasting time on discovery calls 

client application questions


Elevated client experience guide

Our step-by-step client process for streamlined, stress-free success


Elevated client experience email templates

$99 value

your copywriting biz will thank you.

Get the behind-the-scenes processes of professional copywriters and make booked out your new norm.

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