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Have you ever bought something online because the reviews were just so dang good? It's not just you — social proof is one of the best ways to convert. We'll show you how to craft 5-star reviews that bring in the sales, whether you've had 1 customer or 1,000.

29 pages   |   Total: $29

what's inside

the rave review guide includes:

How to go from a good review to a rave (aka high-converting) review

The exact questions to ask past customers to get rave reviews

Email templates to make requesting reviews fast and simple 

How to sweeten the deal to optimize your number of review responses

How to craft your rave reviews (without changing the words)

Review FAQs to answer all of your burning questions 

no more awkwardly asking "can you write me a review?"

Find out how to craft rave reviews designed to convert.

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