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101 Fun Fact Prompts For About Page Inspiration

*trumpet voice* Da-da-da-DAAA!

You know that moment when you’re staring at your computer screen struggling to think of a SINGLE fact about yourself that could actually, realistically, be considered FUN?! 

Listen. Before I was a freelance copywriter, I experienced my fair share of working on highly collaborative teams. And while I loved working with people and having a coworker other than my cat, I have to admit – icebreaker activities stress me out.

I’ve led them.

I’ve joined them.

I’ve talked my way out of them.

But no icebreaker stresses me out more than the simple give your name, your job title, and a fun fact about you! I’m the girl who always has to say: “Come back to me!” during get-to-know-you activities. 

I like fun. I like facts. But the mere mention of the words fun and fact next to each other makes my mind go blank. (If you were wondering, I usually land on “I’m an identical twin” or “I studied abroad for three semesters in college.”)

So when a client requested I send her some possible fun fact prompts to include on her about me page template, I went a little overboard.

This list was made for you if you want to personalize your about me page but struggle to know where to start. That’s right – I’ve done the hard work for you.

Introducing: 101 Fun Fact Prompts for About Page Inspiration

I’ve broken this list down by category, because I’m a type 3 enneagram who likes things organized like that. My hope is that the categories leave room for even more inspiration, so that reading the titles plants a seed in your brain of other questions you could ask and answer about yourself. Because nailing your about you page is all about showing up authentically. Let’s dive in!


  1. Your enneagram
  2. Your Myers-Briggs personality type
  3. Your StrengthsFinder profile
  4. Your astrological sign
  5. Your birthday


  1. As a kid, you were
  2. Your childhood nicknames
  3. Your first job was
  4. You grew up in (place)


  1. Your best friends would describe you as
  2. In your friends group, you’re the one who’s always
  3. Your partner’s nickname for you
  4. Your favorite thing about your partner
  5. Your partner’s favorite thing about you
  6. Your family members names (furry friends included)
  7. Your love story
  8. Three adjectives that describe you are
  9. You’re a ______ person (dog, cat, lizard – you do you)
  10. The most important person in your life is


  1. Things you can’t live without
  2. The most-used app on your phone
  3. A song you listen to on repeat
  4. Your most recent netflix binge
  5. Your shameless celebrity crush
  6. Something you do every day


  1. The items on your nightstand
  2. The items in your purse
  3. You never leave home without
  4. You never go to sleep without
  5. The food you could eat every day
  6. If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life it would be
  7. The first thing you do in the morning is
  8. Your good luck charm
  9. Your go-to accessory
  10. Your go-to fun fact
  11. If you’re playing DJ, you’re playing
  12. If you’re planning a night in, you’re
  13. You’re surprisingly good at


  1. Your favorite drink/cocktail
  2. Your favorite holiday tradition
  3. Your favorite day of the week
  4. Your favorite quality in a person
  5. Your greatest inspirations
  6. Your favorite books/magazines/podcasts/TV shows
  7. Your favorite foods
  8. Your favorite type of cuisine
  9. An album you listen to from beginning to end
  10. Your favorite way to spend a saturday
  11. Your perfect day
  12. Your perfect day would start with
  13. A day you’ll always remember is


  1. Early bird or night owl?
  2. Fiction or nonfiction?
  3. Dressing up or dressing down?
  4. The beach or the mountains?
  5. Extrovert or introvert?
  6. A night in or a night out?
  7. Shoes or bare feet?
  8. The city of the country?
  9. Inside or outside?
  10. A free house, or a free trip around the world?
  11. Homebody or busybody?
  12. Sunrise or sunset?
  13. Hair done or messy bun?
  14. A big circle of friends or a few close friends?
  15. An organized kitchen or an organized planner?


  1. Something you’re proud of is
  2. Something people often get wrong about you
  3. The biggest difference between you online and you in real life is
  4. Something that surprises people about you
  5. A question you think about often is
  6. Your earliest memory is
  7. A memory you’ll treasure forever is
  8. A day you wish you could relive is
  9. You get embarrassed when


  1. The top items on your bucket list
  2. The most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done
  3. The scariest moment in your life
  4. A moment when you took a big leap
  5. If you could live anywhere, it would be
  6. Your secret talent is
  7. At karaoke, you’re singing
  8. You’ve been to _____ countries
  9. The reality TV show you would win is
  10. The competition TV show you would lose is


  1. If you were an animal, what would you be?
  2. If you had a superpower it would be
  3. If you were stranded on a desert island, you’d want to bring
  4. If you could have one dinner guest, it would be
  5. If you could steal someone’s closet, it would be
  6. If you were famous for something, it would be
  7. If you won the lottery, your first order of business would be to


  1. If you weren’t a ____, you’d want to be a ______.
  2. Your big business goals are
  3. You’re still celebrating (a big win)
  4. The next goal you’ve got your eye on is
  5. In five years, you hope you’re
  6. A quote you live by is
  7. You’re at your happiest when 
  8. You’re looking forward to
  9. Life is all about

There you have it: 101 Fun Fact Prompts For About Page Inspiration! 

Did this list inspire you to come up with even more fun fact prompts? Let’s help each other out. Share your favorite fun fact prompts in the comments below!

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  1. This list. It’s amazing, and I really mean it. I was able to create my answers so easily even while I was still reading. Saving it 95 times on Pinterest because I love it so much. Thank you.
    PS not really 95 times. But I want to.

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