It’s no secret that we LOVE Showit website templates. With its no-code drag-and-drop experience, Showit is by far our favorite website builder for stunning web design. 

And the cherry on top for new business owners? With a Showit subscription, you get access to Showit’s large portfolio of free website templates. The pro: free Showit templates are custom-created by Showit designers. The con? Generally, they are very simple.

In sum, when you’re a new business owner, free website templates can help you publish a website quickly and easily.

However, when your business and your brand start to grow? It’s time to level up.

Here’s the problem: most free website templates:

  1. Look generic, making it hard to stand out from the crowd
  2. Only include short-form pages, making it hard to rank for SEO
  3. Lack the sales strategy to take your customers from “hi” to “buy”

Long story short? If you want people to buy from you, investing in a high-quality website is an ABSOLUTE MUST.

That’s why we put together a list of our all-time favorite Showit website template shops.

These aren’t your typical overused website templates. Firstly, they’re premium, hand-crafted, and totally customizable templates. Secondly, they’re specifically designed to grow with your business.

To sum it up: you didn’t come to Showit for a generic website. You want a website that fills your inbox with clients, not crickets. You want a stunning website template that captures your brand, your business, and your high-ticket value…without the multi-4-figure price tag of custom web design.

Ready to find your dream site? We’ve done the work for you. You’re so welcome.

[P.S. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of our affiliate links, we receive a small commission, you get a discount, and our Showit designers get a dream client. It’s what we call a *win-win-win.* Affiliate links are marked with a fancy asterisk (*). Cool, right!?]

Jump to:

Mid-range Showit website templates ($500-$1000)

Budget Showit website templates ($300-$500)

Most affordable Showit website templates (under $300)


1. Tonic Site Shop

Pictured: The Margarita Showit Website Template by TONIC Site Shop

Signature style: Chic, stylish, editorial, & sophisticated

Recommended for: Coaches, solopreneurs, creatives, photographers, marketing agencies, designers, artists, and service-based businesses

Created by power design duo Jen & Jeff, TONIC is our go-to choice for elevated, modern templates that feel unique to you. Why? First of all, we love that every Tonic template is highly customizable. Tonic templates truly include every page you could ever need. We mean it. Second of all, Tonic templates include many à la carte add-ons. That means you can continue to build onto your site for years to come. 

It’s no wonder they’re the first choice for virtual leaders & educators like Jenna Kutcher and Katelyn James. Even our website was built using a Tonic template (shoutout Paper Plane!). We can attest: they’re as strategic as they are stunning. 

Investment: $850-$1250 USD (Payment plans available)

2. Northfolk Co.

Pictured: The Element Showit Website Template for fitness coaches by Northfolk Co.

Signature style: Chic, modern, elevated

Recommended for: photographers, educators, influencers, bloggers, coaches, and designers

Northfolk Co. offers stunning, high-end websites you can grow into as your business grows. Their premium Showit website templates were designed with entrepreneurs in mind, making them all-inclusive tools to uplevel your online business. We love that Northfolk templates are designed for niche businesses and give you the option of purchasing awesome bonuses, like matching Canva templates and content workbooks. Last but not least, every Northfolk Co. template includes 10% off your Showit subscription. 

The Investment: $597 – $1297 USD (Payment plans available)

3. Saffron Avenue

Pictured: The Jardin Showit Website Template by Saffron Avenue

Signature style: Artistic, stylish, and unique

Recommended for: Photographers, creatives, artists, and solopreneurs

Saffron Avenue has some of the most original, stylish, all-inclusive Showit website templates on the market. We love everything about working with Saffron Avenue: the thought-out designs, the bonuses, and the available add-ons make every Saffron Avenue template feel like one-of-a-kind. Each template even comes with its own specific tutorial to walk you through the customizations of your site. Did we mention their template bundles give you a brand workbook, content planner, and matching social content at a fraction of the cost? They’ve thought through every detail to make the process simple for you. 

The Investment: $1080 USD 


4. With Grace and Gold

Pictured: The Naomi Showit Website Template by With Grace and Gold

Signature style: Clean, classic, elevated, modern

Recommended for: Photographers, designers, and creative small businesses

With Grace and Gold was created by Kelly Zugay and Andra Barkey to serve purpose-driven brands with elevated templates that stand out from the crowd. Their award-winning templates are some of our all-time favorites: each one is stunning, conversion-focused, and totally customizable. 

Another perk to buying a With Grace and Gold website template? You’ll get 10% off your Showit subscription of choice. More importantly, all templates come with access to With Grace and Gold’s signature customization resources. For example, they have a rather detailed content and copywriting guide.

Moreover, Grace and Gold has many awesome pages and canvases to add on. For instance, there are beautiful sales pages and client experience guides. Can you say a copywriter’s dream

The Investment: $500 USD (Payment plans available)

5. Emma Troy Design

Pictured: The Penelope Showit Website Template by Emma Troy Design

Signature style: bold, edgy, sophisticated, & fun

Recommended for: Coaches, creatives, copywriters, podcasters, and solopreneurs

Emma Troy’s designs are everything you’d expect from an experienced designer: original, editorial, and creative. We love that Emma’s templates come with copywriting prompts to help you write powerful headlines and content that converts. And a bonus? Emma offers long-form sales pages as available add-ons. You can build out new offers as you’re ready to sell!

Emma’s templates all come with a 10% off Showit Design Partner coupon code for the first year of your subscription. (As Emma says, #winning!) 

The Investment: $648 USD (Payment plans available)

6. Femme Collective Studio

Pictured: The Muse Showit Website Template by Femme Collective Studio

Signature style: artistic, whimsical, boho, luxe

Recommended for: creatives, photographers, designers, and artists

The Femme Collective describes their design style as “editorial with an edge.” We can see why; their neutral-heavy templates are the essence of digital boho-chic. With a background in custom branding, The Femme Collective’s templates were made to be personal, versatile, and unique. They’re perfect for service-based business owners who think outside the box. 

And if you want your whole website done for you? The Femme Collective offers full template customization for an added cost. Check it out for a hands-free design experience! 

The Investment: $997 USD (Payment plans available)

7. Blissful

Pictured: The Malone Showit Website Template by Blissful

Signature style: Chic, editorial, minimal, neutral, stylish

Recommended for: Photographers, interior designers, event planners

Sydney Robinson is the designer behind the aptly-named Blissful. These Showit website templates are stylish, minimal, and blissfully curated — not surprising for a web designer who has been a Showit Design Partner for over a decade. With 12 templates to choose from in the shop, it’s hard not to find one you love. Plus, they offer a 10% Showit subscription discount if you take their “Find your Perfect Template” quiz. Fun!

The Investment: $750 (Payment plans available)

8. Elizabeth McCravy

Pictured: The Catherine Showit Website Template by Elizabeth McCravy

Signature style: Fun, colorful, bold, & personality-filled

Recommended for: Coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs

We’re big fans of Elizabeth McCravy’s website templates. Mostly, we think her templates are just so delightful! We love the pops of color, the bold details, and the build-in strategies that help you stand out and sell. As a designer and business strategist, Elizabeth understands what makes a successful online business. Her templates include all the pages you need to grow, like an email list sign-up, a call scheduling page, and a resource library. Another cool thing? Elizabeth McCravy’s template shop also includes sales funnel and podcast kits. Get the confetti ready. 

On top of all of that, Elizabeth has a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means you can buy without stress. It’s nice to feel like she wants you to be 100% positive you LOVE your site. Yeah, pretty great.

Investment: $797 USD

9. Franklin & Willow

Pictured: The Barlow Showit Website Template by Franklin & Willow

Signature style: Poised, feminine, airy, clean, dreamy

Recommended for: Photographers, coaches, virtual assistants, small businesses

Franklin & Willow’s Showit templates come with all of the pages you’ll need to run and grow a successful business — and their designs are super dreamy. Particularly, we love how there are multiple examples of customized templates on their website. You don’t have to imagine what the template would look like if you want a bolder or more colorful feel. Add on top of that the strategic copy placeholders, and their bonuses (a mini-session page and pricing guide pages) and we’ve got ourselves a winner.

Plus, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your template, you can request a full refund within 14 days of your purchase. That’s a trust fall we’d be willing to take.

The Investment: $550-$950

10. Abigail Dyer Design

Pictured: The Belle Meade Showit Website Template by Abigail Dyer Design

Signature style: Stylish, clean, feminine, charming, pretty

Recommended for: Photographers, bloggers, coaches, interior designers, event planners, creative entrepreneurs

Abigail Dyer says “at the end of the day, I just want to create pretty things.” We’d say she’s smashing that goal. These modern website templates each have a touch of southern charm — they are delicate, elegant, clean, and most definitely pretty.

In addition to looking pretty, these sites come with real support. Every Abigail Dyer template includes video and written training resources. All of the support makes it super easy to launch your site successfully. Plus, there are multiple pages and canvases you can add on to your purchase. Examples include an Album page, Pricing page, an FAQ canvas, timeline canvas, and more. 

Last of all, Abigail Dyer is a Showit Design Partner. That means her templates all come with a 10% off your Showit subscription for 1 year. If you love her style, that’s a cool plus.

Investment: $497-$947


11. Digital Grace Design

Pictured: The Gramercy Showit Website Template by Digital Grace Design

Signature style: elegant, bright, light, clean, professional

Recommended for: photographers, wedding vendors, and creatives

The 2019 Showit Designer of the Year, Digital Grace Design creates elegant, sophisticated website templates for wedding vendors, creatives, and coaches. Each Digital Grace Design template comes with built-in copywriting prompts, 50+ video tutorials for customization support, and access to a Simple Showit SEO course. Plus, Sarah’s templates come with 10% off the first year of your Showit subscription. Our take? The value that’s packed into these templates will have you sharing and selling your services in no time.

Investment: $497 USD (Payment plans available)

12. The Autumn Rabbit

Pictured: The Eliza Showit Website Template by The Autumn Rabbit

Signature style: energetic, bold, fun, vibrant, modern, graphic, artistic

Recommended for: creatives, graphic designers, & small businesses

The Autumn Rabbit gets our vote for the most eye-catching templates out there. They specialize in illustrative graphic and web design, and their graphic design expertise adds a unique energy to their templates. With lots of dynamic movement and splashes of color, these Showit website templates are perfect for anyone looking to really stand out. A copywriter’s note: sometimes heavier graphic design elements can take focus away from your copy. We recommend keeping your copy conversational and minimal to work with this style. 

The Investment: $425

13. The Buffalo Collective

Pictured: The Bailey Showit Website Template by The Buffalo Collective

Signature style: bold, soft, earthy, warm, modern

Recommended for: Photographers and creative entrepreneurs

The Buffalo Collective’s website templates are dreamy. The full-page photos, the warm colors, the font pairings…this brand designer knows her stuff. Take note: these templates are heavy on the photos. In fact, the lead designer is also a former photographer. If you’re a photographer, you may have found your perfect template match. If you’re not a photographer, make sure you’ve got professional photos to make the most of these templates.

A cool thing? When you purchase a template from The Buffalo Collective, you also get:

  • 1. tutorial videos to show you how to customize your site
  • 2. a launch checklist
  • 3. and social media launch images.

That’s a lot of extra value!

Lastly, the Buffalo Collective has a Template Install Package. If you don’t want to waste time customizing your template, it’s a great option. They promise to implement your branding, copy, and images in less than a week. 

The Investment: $399 (Payment plans available)

14. Oregon Lane Studio

Pictured: The Horizon West Showit Website Template by Oregon Lane Studios

Signature style: Soft, clean, minimalist, boutique 

Recommended for: Photographers, coaches, wellness professionals, & creatives

Evidently, Oregon Lane Studio creates templates built to last. They have 15+ years of experience designing custom websites and digital brands, and it shows. We love that Oregon Lane’s templates combine a feminine aesthetic with bold, editorial elements; the attention to detail is second to none. Most importantly, they were made with specific industries in mind. That means Oregon Lane’s website templates were strategically designed to fit the needs of your business with less time and less hassle. Each template comes with a Showit video training course, step-by-step instructions, and professional design tips. They’re truly the whole package. 

Investment: $479 USD

15. Davey & Krista

Pictured: The Iona Showit Website Template by Davey & Krista

Signature style: light, bright, clean, minimal, sophisticated

Recommended for: Photographers, planners, creative professionals, florists, educators, e-commerce/online shops

First, Davey and Krista built a successful photography business. Now, they’re primarily brand strategists and designers. Their website templates definitely have a photographer’s touch. For example, they’re full of white space and clean, understated design. However, Davey & Krista’s Showit templates are also strategically built to convert. We love that you can browse their templates by industry to find the best fit for you.

Additionally, these brand strategists have a Showit SEO Course. It has some pretty great reviews if you want to up-level your website template game. 

The Investment: $499 (payment plans available)

16. Holli True Designs

Pictured: The Tumalo Showit Website Template by Holli True Designs

Signature style: feminine, artistic, lush, boho, vibrant, organic

Recommended for: Photographers, creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs, small businesses, bloggers

Holli True Designs offers colorful, personality-filled website templates that feel alive and joyful. Like other photographers-turned-designers, these templates definitely have a photographer’s touch. The full-screen images, the collages, the photo backgrounds…these templates are optimal for anyone looking to showcase beautiful photos. Specifically, creatives, coaches, influencers, and (of course) photographers will love these templates. P.S. The mobile views on these templates are just as beautiful as the desktop views. 

If you want help customizing your template, Holli True Designs has an implementation service. The implementation service is obviously not a budget option. That said, it’s a great option if you’re too busy running a business to polish your website. Additionally, Holli offers an hourly service if you just need a little Showit assistance. Her rate is $125/hour.

The Investment: $397

17. McKinley Media 

Pictured: The Savilla Showit Website Template by McKinley Media

Signature style: Soft, clean, modern, chic, minimalist, trendy

Recommended for: Creatives, coaches, designers, influencers, and women-owned businesses

McKinley Media’s templates bring modern sophistication to your online brand. Bright and minimalist with elegant neutrals and trendy tones, McKinley Media’s templates are great choices for influencers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Most of all, we’d recommend them as high-quality starter templates.

Notedly, they are less photo-heavy than other templates on the market. Don’t worry if you don’t have high quality images or a ton of content. It’s still easy to make these templates look chic and professional. 

McKinley Media offers a 48-hour implementation package if you want fast, designer-quality implementation.

Notice how they have a Link in Bio Instagram template as an add-on. Influencers, we’re looking at you.

Investment: $497 USD

18. Brand & Bloom

Pictured: The Rose Showit Website Template by Brand & Bloom

Signature style: Bold, edgy, unique, masculine, cool

Recommended for: Entrepreneurs, coaches, 

The rebel in us loves Brand & Bloom’s edgy and bold website templates. The pops of color, the rock ‘n roll font, and the vibey photos give these Showit templates style without compromising strategy. Although there are untraditional elements, the layouts of these templates are quite traditional. Consequently, you can express your out-of-the-box brand and get the benefits of a website template designed to convert.

To sum it up, there are many traditionally elegant, feminine website template designs out there these days. Brand & Bloom offers something a little different. You’ll feel too cool for school.

Investment: $497 USD


19. Gillian Sarah Design

Pictured: The Tippen Showit Website Template by Gillian Sarah Design

Signature style: Clean, polished, natural, & bright

Recommended for: bloggers, photographers, influencers, social media managers, & podcasters

Gillian Sarah Design is a first-choice for female business owners who want to showcase their personality beautifully online. We love that Gillian’s website templates are optimized for niche small businesses to include the perfect combination of pages for your business. Plus, the value included in each template is well worth the affordable cost. Each Gillian Sarah template comes with a video playlist to walk you through the customization process, and lifetime support on all themes! Are you in love yet? 

Investment: $247 USD

20. Moxie Site Shop by Jess Gingrich

Pictured: The Audrey James Showit Website Template by Jess Gingrich

Signature style: Feminine, sweet, fun, young, vibrant

Recommended for: Coaches, Consultants, Virtual Assistants, Photographers, Event Planners, Interior Designers

The Moxie Site Shop features a beautiful showcase of strategic, feminine designs. We love these templates for a few reasons:

Firstly, Jess Gingrich uses the StoryBrand formula. That means these templates are pretty and strategic. The StoryBrand formula makes it really easy to customize with your own copy and content, and finish with a website designed to convert.

Secondly, there is a ton of launch support. You’ll receive a step-by-step course with over 35 videos to help you customize and launch your website.

Finally, Jessica is personally available to help. You’ll get 30 days of email support where you can ask her any Showit template-related questions. That’s a huge advantage, especially if you’re not super tech-savvy.

Investment: $297-$397 (Payment plans available)

21. Roselyn Carr

Pictured: The Manda Showit Website Template by Roselyn Carr

Signature style: artistic, modern, bold, feminine, romantic

Recommended for: Photographers, Influencers, Bloggers, Creatives

Roselyn Carr’s artistic website templates are basic in terms of page volume, but the designs are not even close to basic. In addition to creating beautiful Showit website templates, Roselyn Carr is a watercolor and lettering artist. Her templates often feature her unique creative talents. For example, the Harbor template uses real watercolor details. The Moonstone template includes hand-drawn florals. These templates were made with heart. Our take? The quality definitely outweighs the price. 

The Investment: $229

22. Swoone 

Pictured: The Gilford Showit Website Template by Swoone

Signature style: earthy, moody, modern, stylish, vintage

Recommended for: Photographers, bloggers, interior designers, influencers

Next up: Swoone’s swoon-worthy templates. Swoone has some of the cheapest Showit templates on this list. Despite the price, these templates look incredibly sophisticated. We especially love the Gilford and Boss Lady templates. They are colorful, vibrant, and perfect for a coach or influencer. The majority of Swoone’s templates are more muted and earthy. All of the website templates are basic — they don’t have a ton of pages or canvases. That said, what you get looks pretty high-quality. Swoone describes one of their most basic website templates as “a single page scrolling site that doesn’t look like a single page scrolling site.” So true.

Something else we love? Nearly every template comes with a beautifully-designed pop-up as an add-on. It’s a useful tool and a nice touch. 

The Investment: $149-$199 (except one template, which is $599)

23. Joanna Moss Creative

Pictured: The Tofino Showit Website Template by Joanna Moss Creative

Signature style: pretty, clean, feminine, modern

Recommended for: Photographers, coaches, educators, fempreneurs

Joanna Moss Creative offers pretty, feminine templates. In her words, they’re “designed with a focus to convert your traffic to leads.” The layout includes some basic copywriting guidelines. For example: “Tagline that delivers a clear message”. If you use them to their best advantage, these template promise to get you compliments and leads! Some of the deluxe templates are more costly, but there are also budget options. You can snag one of these lovely little templates for under $300. 

The Investment: $147-$499

24. Mariposa Design Co.

Pictured: The Oakleaf Showit Website Template by Mariposa Design Co.

Signature style: Boutique, rustic, clean, elegant, romantic

Recommended for: Creatives, photographers, bloggers, podcasters, coaches

Husband and wife team Vic and Sasha are the creatives behind Mariposa Design Co. The power couple first built a photography business. Then, they transitioned to branding and web design with Mariposa Design Co. (He’s the copywriter, she’s the designer. Cute!) They describe their Showit templates as “luxury meets affordability” — and we wholeheartedly agree. It’s a budget option that doesn’t compromise on elegance. Bonus points for their video tutorials and customer support to help you along your template customization process. 

The Investment: $200-$395

25. Rachael Earl Design

Pictured: The Kiera Madison Showit Website Template by Rachael Earl Design

Signature style: Dynamic, modern, striking, professional

Recommended for: Photographers, educators, virtual assistants, podcasters, wedding venues

Okay, it’s true — not all of the Showit templates offered by Rachael Earl Designs are under $300. The deluxe templates have more pages and are more expensive. However, there are a few budget-friendly options worth checking out. Rachael Earl has over 10 years of experience as a brand and web designer, and her clean lines, strong branding, and professional layouts make these templates a worthy investment. 

The Investment: $200-$550

Best Showit Template Shops: A Comparative Guide

We know what you’re thinking: there are so many options to choose from! How do you know which option is right for you? Use our comparative guide to compare prices, add-ons, customization services, and more to find the right option for you and your business. Download the Comparative Guide now.


Choosing your favorite Showit website template is only step one.

Here’s the gist: these 25 Showit template shops offer professional, custom quality website designs — without the custom price. And with Showit’s drag-and-drop functionality, it’s easy to customize your website template to the specific look and feel you’re going for. 

But even the prettiest website template isn’t a salesperson!

To sum it up, great design will help you look professional. Great copywriting will help you make sales. If you want your website to bring you sales on repeat, you need to invest in a professional copywriter. 

That’s where Maha Copy Co. comes in.

Maha Copy Co.’s Website Copywriting Package has helped businesses increase their signature price by 50%, book out services for months, rank #2 for target keywords on Google, and increase sales by up to 260%.

And if you’re anxious to launch your website as fast as possible, Maha Copy Co. has a Website in a Week copywriting service that gives you strategic, made-to-convert website copy in just 7 short days. 

Sounds too good to be true? Learn more about Maha Copy Co.’s professional copywriting services.

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Recently, I had a website copy client say “I know nothing about copywriting. I mean, literally nothing. My website is probably going to be painful for you to read.”

And I got so excited.

Here’s the thing: everyone loves a good before and after. But I’m one of those people who watches time lapse videos of people power washing their dirt-caked driveways for fun. A good before and after is one of my all-time favorite things. That’s why today we’re talking about how to turn not-so-smart copy into laser-focused messaging that works as hard as you do.

The Most Common Copywriting Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

MISTAKE #1: Too many CTAs.

Clear copy is like a gentle, guiding hand. It should guide your reader to do one simple thing. Before you start writing, decide what the goal of each page is. Is it to get your reader to sign up for a consultation call with you? Or download your lead magnet to join your email list? Or is it to encourage them to read the next blog post, or check out your services page?

Whatever it is – the goal of each page should be clear. And the way you make that goal clear is with consistent, prominent Call To Action buttons that help them say “yes” the moment they’re ready. This is especially true for specifically-focused pages like landing pages and sales pages. Choose one action you want them to take, and include more than one button that allows them to do so.

So if the pages on your website are trying to get clients to check out your program, read more about you, AND sign up for your email list right off the bat? Simplify.

How to write better copy: Pick ONE action you want your user to take and do a benefits deep-dive.

MISTAKE #2: Complicating the microcopy. 

Listen: I’m all for personalizing your buttons. Studies show that specific, original copy can result in more clicks and, in turn, more conversions.

But the caveat here is that the copy on the buttons HAS to clearly say what you want the user to do. For example: a button that says “Check out my services” may get more clicks than a button that says “Learn more.” But a button that says “Serv’s Up, M”Dude!” ? Not so much.

If your buttons are cutesy instead of clear, they will get less clicks. (I’m talking to you, pun queen!). It might seem clever, but if you try to reinvent the wheel by making it a square, it’s gonna be hard to keep the ball rolling. 

How to write better copy: Be specific. Research shows “Learn More” consistently does better than clever alternatives. Legendary copywriter Jay Abraham once said, “Sometimes the best copy to sell a horse is ‘Horse for Sale.” Simple works.

MISTAKE #3: Writing about yourself in third person.

Madison is a freelance website copywriter whose pet peeve is when entrepreneurs and solo-business owners use the third person to describe their businesses in an attempt to “sound more professional.”

Please, don’t do this. You wouldn’t talk like this if you were introducing yourself to someone over the phone, so don’t do it when you’re introducing yourself on your website. You are a person talking to people, and the best way to build trust with your audience is through building transparency, authenticity, and credibility. Most of the time, it’s pretty obvious you’re a one-person gig writing about yourself. Not to mention, third-person bios are skimmed more and read less than first-person stories about your business journey. Make me a promise and save the third-person until you actually have a third person writing about you. There’s nothing bad about being a one-man band!

How to write better copy: Speak directly to your readers. Personal is a good thing! 

MISTAKE #4: Starting with design, then adding the copy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Copy dictates design. All my favorite designers agree, and that’s all the confirmation I need! I’m not saying you have to hire a copywriter, but have the words for your website written out before you finalize your design plans. If your homepage is beautiful but doesn’t say anything about the services you offer, it’s not going to convert – period.

How to write better copy: Plan the messaging breakdown first (this goes for web, email, ads, and print!) 

MISTAKE #5: Burying the lead.

It’s the golden rule, but it warrants repeating. Put the most important info in the header and the subtitle, or if it’s in a paragraph, in bold. I should be able to tell the purpose of your copy within three seconds of opening the website page or email. 

How to write better copy: Lead with the good stuff. You’d be surprised how many people skip this step!

And there you have it: the most common copywriting mistakes and how to fix them! Which of these will you be fixing on your own website? Let me know in the comments! (Bonus points if you send me your favorite, most satistying before and after video. Ready…GO.)

Happy editing,


*trumpet voice* Da-da-da-DAAA!

You know that moment when you’re staring at your computer screen struggling to think of a SINGLE fact about yourself that could actually, realistically, be considered FUN?! 

Listen. Before I was a freelance copywriter, I experienced my fair share of working on highly collaborative teams. And while I loved working with people and having a coworker other than my cat, I have to admit – icebreaker activities stress me out.

I’ve led them.

I’ve joined them.

I’ve talked my way out of them.

But no icebreaker stresses me out more than the simple give your name, your job title, and a fun fact about you! I’m the girl who always has to say: “Come back to me!” during get-to-know-you activities. 

I like fun. I like facts. But the mere mention of the words fun and fact next to each other makes my mind go blank. (If you were wondering, I usually land on “I’m an identical twin” or “I studied abroad for three semesters in college.”)

So when a client requested I send her some possible fun fact prompts to include on her about me page template, I went a little overboard.

This list was made for you if you want to personalize your about me page but struggle to know where to start. That’s right – I’ve done the hard work for you.

Introducing: 101 Fun Fact Prompts for About Page Inspiration

I’ve broken this list down by category, because I’m a type 3 enneagram who likes things organized like that. My hope is that the categories leave room for even more inspiration, so that reading the titles plants a seed in your brain of other questions you could ask and answer about yourself. Because nailing your about you page is all about showing up authentically. Let’s dive in!


  1. Your enneagram
  2. Your Myers-Briggs personality type
  3. Your StrengthsFinder profile
  4. Your astrological sign
  5. Your birthday


  1. As a kid, you were
  2. Your childhood nicknames
  3. Your first job was
  4. You grew up in (place)


  1. Your best friends would describe you as
  2. In your friends group, you’re the one who’s always
  3. Your partner’s nickname for you
  4. Your favorite thing about your partner
  5. Your partner’s favorite thing about you
  6. Your family members names (furry friends included)
  7. Your love story
  8. Three adjectives that describe you are
  9. You’re a ______ person (dog, cat, lizard – you do you)
  10. The most important person in your life is


  1. Things you can’t live without
  2. The most-used app on your phone
  3. A song you listen to on repeat
  4. Your most recent netflix binge
  5. Your shameless celebrity crush
  6. Something you do every day


  1. The items on your nightstand
  2. The items in your purse
  3. You never leave home without
  4. You never go to sleep without
  5. The food you could eat every day
  6. If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life it would be
  7. The first thing you do in the morning is
  8. Your good luck charm
  9. Your go-to accessory
  10. Your go-to fun fact
  11. If you’re playing DJ, you’re playing
  12. If you’re planning a night in, you’re
  13. You’re surprisingly good at


  1. Your favorite drink/cocktail
  2. Your favorite holiday tradition
  3. Your favorite day of the week
  4. Your favorite quality in a person
  5. Your greatest inspirations
  6. Your favorite books/magazines/podcasts/TV shows
  7. Your favorite foods
  8. Your favorite type of cuisine
  9. An album you listen to from beginning to end
  10. Your favorite way to spend a saturday
  11. Your perfect day
  12. Your perfect day would start with
  13. A day you’ll always remember is


  1. Early bird or night owl?
  2. Fiction or nonfiction?
  3. Dressing up or dressing down?
  4. The beach or the mountains?
  5. Extrovert or introvert?
  6. A night in or a night out?
  7. Shoes or bare feet?
  8. The city of the country?
  9. Inside or outside?
  10. A free house, or a free trip around the world?
  11. Homebody or busybody?
  12. Sunrise or sunset?
  13. Hair done or messy bun?
  14. A big circle of friends or a few close friends?
  15. An organized kitchen or an organized planner?


  1. Something you’re proud of is
  2. Something people often get wrong about you
  3. The biggest difference between you online and you in real life is
  4. Something that surprises people about you
  5. A question you think about often is
  6. Your earliest memory is
  7. A memory you’ll treasure forever is
  8. A day you wish you could relive is
  9. You get embarrassed when


  1. The top items on your bucket list
  2. The most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done
  3. The scariest moment in your life
  4. A moment when you took a big leap
  5. If you could live anywhere, it would be
  6. Your secret talent is
  7. At karaoke, you’re singing
  8. You’ve been to _____ countries
  9. The reality TV show you would win is
  10. The competition TV show you would lose is


  1. If you were an animal, what would you be?
  2. If you had a superpower it would be
  3. If you were stranded on a desert island, you’d want to bring
  4. If you could have one dinner guest, it would be
  5. If you could steal someone’s closet, it would be
  6. If you were famous for something, it would be
  7. If you won the lottery, your first order of business would be to


  1. If you weren’t a ____, you’d want to be a ______.
  2. Your big business goals are
  3. You’re still celebrating (a big win)
  4. The next goal you’ve got your eye on is
  5. In five years, you hope you’re
  6. A quote you live by is
  7. You’re at your happiest when 
  8. You’re looking forward to
  9. Life is all about

There you have it: 101 Fun Fact Prompts For About Page Inspiration! 

Did this list inspire you to come up with even more fun fact prompts? Let’s help each other out. Share your favorite fun fact prompts in the comments below!

You’ve done the thing.

You’ve finally decided to make your dream of taking your offerings online and putting them out there for all the world to see. There’s just one problem: building your website is turning out to be way harder than you thought it would be.

You go online and see people’s websites doing all the things.

There’s homepage, the about page, the services, and the contact page. But on top of that they’ve got a blog with approximately one million posts, sales pages breaking down their offerings step by step. There’s a coaching page. A podcast page. Testimonials, reviews, and what it’s like to work with me. And don’t forget the unlimited free resources and the shop that’s unquestionably killing the sales game.

Oh – and don’t forget the lead magnet collecting emails down there at the bottom, reminding you they’re on top of their email list, too.

When it seems like all the leaders in your industry are doing all the things, how do you know the right way to start?

First – breathe. There is no right way, but there’s absolutely a quicker path to publishing your website.

You don’t need a million website pages to run a successful online business. And the best part about website platforms is that, for the most part, they allow you to work on adding more pages as they become ready to launch. Phew.

Today I’m breaking down the four pages you need on your website – no ifs, ands, or buts.

And if you’re ready to commit to publishing over perfectionism, I’m here to tell you that you can launch your website confidently in one. short. week.

Trust me – it’s not as hard as you think. All it takes is consistency, clarity, and maybe a little time blocking. But if you’re ready to get yourself out there into the world, all you have to do is start writing.

Tips for writing a beginner website

Know that it’s probably going to be temporary

As you and your website grow, there will unquestionably be things you want to change. You may update to a new, fancy template, hire a professional copywriter to nail down your messaging, or figure out the best

2. Don’t be afraid to start small

Unless you’ve got a team of writers, designers, and marketers behind you, there’s no way to do everything at once – so start small. Maybe that means you only launch one service or expected best-selling items in your shop. Maybe it means you hold off on putting up a blog to give yourself time to focus on other things. Whatever it is, know that the only difference between an unfinished site and an unpublished site is that an unpublished site will never bring in new clients or sales. And from my experience as a website copywriter and designer, I can tell you without question that almost everyone considers their website to be unfinished.

3. Use copywriting formulas that work

Okay, I know what you’re thinking – but this isn’t a biased tip. It’s just science. Copywriting is basically words that help your customer see the value in your work and the problem you help them solve. It’s more than possible to DIY your own copy. The more time you put into crafting a message that is designed to convert, the less work you’ll have to do on the backend.

Here are the 4 website pages you absolutely need – no ifs, ands, or buts.

The Homepage

I’m calling this “the homepage,” but it *might* look different based on your type of business. If you’re a freelancer, your homepage should state clearly what you do, introduce yourself, provide back-up proof/reviews (if you have them), and lead clients to the next steps. However, if your business is primarily an online store, the homepage will obviously be set up to allow customers to scroll through your products or offerings.

Tips to writing a great homepage: Keep it short and sweet. You don’t have to say everything here. Make it clear what you do with attention-grabbing headlines that speak your intention clearly, and then let your reader move on. You want your reader to check out the other pages on your site – no need to front-load them with too much information.

The About Page

This is where you’re giving your clients an idea of what it’s like to work with you. You may have heard the saying “Your about page isn’t about you” before, and it’s half true. The best about pages go two things: they make the reader feel understood, and they leave the reader feeling like they know you. You can accomplish this by centering your ideal client in the way you talk about your offer.

Tips for writing a great about page: Open your about what you can do for your clients to make their lives better before you start talking about yourself. This page is all about building trust and credibility: that starts with helping your client see that you see them, understand them, and know all about the problem they’re dealing with. We build trust by building understanding. Then, back it up with your story, your credentials, and reviews, testimonials, or facts that back up your legit-ness.

For more information on how to write a great about page, check out my blog: The Ideal About Page Template.

The Services or Sales Page

The services or sales page is your change to zero in on the benefits of your offer. What is it that you’re actually offering your clients? Talk through the benefits, spell out the deliverables, and always include prices if you can. (For those with custom packages, having a “Starting at” range is very helpful.)

Tips for writing a great services or sales page: show the transformation. Your goal here is to find people that truly could benefit from your services or offer. To do that, you need to be honest and upfront about the unique benefits you bring to the table. What makes you special in the crowded online world? If you’re a freelancer or coach, starting with three offers is typical (a low, a mid, and a high price offer); however, you could also start with one service, or market yourself as someone who’s open to doing it all. There is no right or wrong when you’re just starting out. The goal here is to offer something your audience needs. Perhaps you have a

Contact Page

This should be short, sweet, and simple. Either include the ways you can be reached (phone or email) or include an integrated contact form if your web host supports it.

Tips for writing a contact page: Include your full first and last name and any necessary information potential clients might need. How long will it take to hear back from you? What hours are you available over the phone? If you have a physical business, what is your address? And last but not least – write a little friendly invitation for interested clients to reach out to you.

There you have it! The four pages you absolutely need on your website are a homepage, about page, services/sales page, and contact page. (And one last design tip? Keep them in that order in your website’s header menu. Your most important call-to-action button should always live in the top right corner of your website.)

Are you building a beginner website from scratch and struggling to get it published? Comment below your questions or what you’re struggling with. I’m happy to help!

Cheers to good copy,


Because sometimes you just need someone to give you the words.

If you’re a small business owner, you probably hear the word “branding” thrown around in online spaces all the time. But beyond the brand colors, branded design, and brand values is a copywriter’s tried-and-true tool: the brand voice.

So… What exactly is a brand voice?

A brand voice is essentially the personality of your words. Next time you’re sitting down with a group of friends, notice the differences in how they all speak. The speech pattern, the pauses, the volume, the types of words they use, and the lengths of their sentences are all elements specific to their voice and communication style.

The elements we notice in language patterns should be reflected in the way you write. Just like every person speaks differently, so does every brand.

To be clear, a brand voice is not:

  • An exact replication how you or your company’s owner speaks
  • A voice you think your clients have
  • Whatever seems “trendy” at the moment
  • Writing “the way all Gen Z-ers talk” (people in one generation don’t all talk the same way)
  • A replication of another company’s lingo

Before you choose your words…

Think of elements of brand voice as existing on a spectrum. You need to narrow down the brackets you belong in.

  • Are you more funny or more serious?
  • Are you more matter-of-fact or enthusiastic?
  • Are you more conventional or quirky?
  • Are you more formal or casual?

It’s helpful to ask yourself why after all of these questions, and to think about the way you want your ideal audience to feel. Are you looking to be helpful? Relatable? Trustworthy? A mentor or a friend? Bring every decision back to your audience to get clear where you fall (even if that place is evenly positioned between one extreme and the other).

60 Words to Describe Your Brand Voice

Q1: Is your brand voice more funny or serious?

If you’re more funny:

  • Playful
  • Dry
  • Edgy
  • Snarky
  • Cutesy
  • Sarcastic
  • Punny
  • Witty
  • Clever
  • Silly

If you’re more serious:

  • Informative
  • Scholarly
  • Commanding
  • Professional
  • Authoritative
  • Trustworthy

Q2: Is your brand voice more matter-of-fact or enthusiastic?

If you’re more matter-of-fact:

  • Blunt
  • Authoritative
  • Confident
  • Intellectual
  • Clinical
  • Straightforward
  • Frank
  • Factual

If you’re more enthusiastic:

  • Cheerful
  • Fun
  • Motivational
  • Passionate
  • Spunky
  • Positive
  • Upbeat
  • Zealous
  • Inspiring
  • Powerful
  • Bold

Q3: Is your brand voice more conventional or quirky?

If you’re more conventional:

  • Traditional
  • Nostalgic
  • Respectful
  • Academic
  • Intellectual
  • Conservative
  • Mature

If you’re more quirky:

  • Irreverent
  • Unapologetic
  • Silly
  • Whimsical
  • Spiritual
  • Romantic
  • Dreamy
  • Provocative

Q4: Is your brand voice more formal or casual?

If you’re more formal:

  • Mature
  • Classy
  • Conservative
  • Modest
  • Sophisticated
  • Polished
  • Calm

If you’re more casual:

  • Conversational
  • Trendy
  • Friendly
  • Youthful
  • Sympathetic
  • Reassuring
  • Empathic
  • Savvy
  • Natural
  • Off-the-cuff

3 Tips for Choosing Your Brand Voice Words:

1. Let your words reflect a feeling

Your brand voice should reflect the overall feeling you want your customers to leave with. One feeling does not automatically point to one type of brand voice, but there are some directions that align more naturally with the feeling you want to portray. For example, if you want to build trust with your readership, words you choose for your brand voice could be informative, confident, or straightforward.

2. Ignore trends.

The more you try to sound like other people, the harder it is to write authentically. Just because you notice that there are a ton of people adopting a boss babe brand voice doesn’t mean it’s

  1. More effective, or
  2. More attractive

When figuring out your brand voice, it should be relatively easy to write content for your brand. Don’t make this harder on yourself than it has to be. Especially if you’re a one-man operation, land on a brand voice that you feel comfortable using across all platforms.

3. Ask for feedback on how they land.

Branding does not exist in a vacuum. You want people to read your words and want to read more. So before you put them out there into the world, show them to the people you love.

Then, ask questions like:

  • If this was a person talking to you, how would you describe their personality?
  • What do you like about the way this person talks to you? What do you not like?
  • What feeling are you left with after reading these words?

The answers you get may surprise you – but more than anything, they should help you get a clearer picture of what you’re nailing and what needs a little more work.

Where is a brand voice used?

A brand voice is used everywhere a company communicated with clients. This includes in social media posts, newsletters, emails, website copy, advertisements, and often even internal communication within the company.

But when not to use a brand voice?

Typically, on types of communication that include the exchange of sensitive or serious information. For example, if you are sending a letter to employees about their wages, keep the language purely professional. Information communicated through your HR department should be similarly modest and straightforward.

Additionally, if you run an online business, the language of your checkout forms should be as intuitively clear as possible, so that clients feel the platform is safe. Having a “Heck Yes, I’m In!” button on your sign up page could totally work with your brand voice, but once it’s time to collect their payment information, keep the language to “Checkout.”

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  1. This article was informative, precise and easy to apply tips to work on my brand voice. I sent an article I had just written to my friends to gauge my voice.
    Please write more articles because I want to consume everything you create.
    I immensely love your website. It so appealing to look at.

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